Saturday, September 18, 2010

Life is not only like black and white...


LadyBird said...

wat u mean by black n white?
is it like positif n negatif?
if positif n negatif..
i think life like tat..

sya, lame doh aku dok g umoh mung..
biler dok ahu leh g pulok.

seposeng karat said...

miss ladybird..

it is the same what..
but what i mean is life will not be interesting only with black n is colorful dear..that is life maa..

alaaa..xpe iza..nnt klu mung ade kete bleh la g umoh aku plok..
ape susoh..aku th dh keadaan mung..xpe iza..
small matter je bebeh..

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